English / Deutsch

Translation prices vary depending on the level of complexity and on the volume.

Billing will be based on target document standard line rates (55 characters per line incl. spaces).

Hourly rates or fractions thereof will be charged for the revision/editing of previously translated texts, the updating of graphics and proofreading based on the actual time spent to complete such assignments.

Official documents, school certificates and other texts that result in more time spent on the layout, will be billed based on a charge per page.

If at all possible, please submit your texts in electronic format. This will facilitate the translation process. Of course you are always welcome to send your texts via fax or postal services.

Express handling fees will be charged if deadlines are extremely tight or require the performance of work on weekends and holidays.

You will receive a quotation upon receipt of your inquiry.

I am looking forward to receiving your request for a quote.