English / Deutsch

Why do you need professional, high quality translations?

If you interact with affiliates, customers and partners around the world, you know that being able to communicate with your counterparts in their native languages is crucial. Translations speak on your behalf. Professional translations that express the message you want to share perfectly demonstrate to those you want to reach that they matter and are important to you. Of course this approach will also prevent misunderstandings, confusion and other problems that are frequently caused by incomprehensible or inadequate translations. Moreover, using the services of a proficient translator may also protect you in liability situations – as written information that contains errors may not only tarnish your image – it may also have legal consequences.

For a professional linguist to deliver high quality translations, he or she has to have an excellent command of both the source and the target language, paired with solid knowledge of the subject matters covered. In many cases, comprehensive research has to be conducted so that a polished final copy can be compiled.

I am in a position to offer you this complete package of services and skills at a reasonable price.


My services comprise:

  • Professional, high quality translations
  • On-time delivery and dependability
  • Proficiency in the specific subject matters translated ensured by constant continuing education
  • Intensive familiarization with the field of expertise
  • Integration of your corporate terminology



How you will benefit:

  • You work directly with the translator and any issues requiring clarification or coordination are addressed immediately
  • You receive consistent translations from a single source
  • Complex translations into English are prepared in collaboration with colleagues who are native speakers of British or American English